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Green Hills Software is the largest independent embedded software provider. With the most safety and security certifications and the best track record for solving embedded problems, Green Hills Software has been leading the embedded world since 1982.

Solid Sands is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Our mission is to put quality into C. We do that by improving the quality of C and C++ compilers, libraries and analysis tools, and their safe and secure use, with the best possible test and validation suite. With SuperTest, Solid Sands helps its customers to achieve the software quality level required by the ISO language and functional safety standards. With our history in compiler development, our knowledge of past, current and upcoming versions of the C and C++ standards, new analysis and optimizations techniques and new use cases, Solid Sands stays at the fore-front of tools testing and validation.

PLS is among the worldwide leading suppliers of software debugging solutions and complete development tools for the 16 Bit and 32 Bit PLS Team 2017 microcontroller families from Infineon Technologies and STMicroelectronics as well as a number of different TriCore™, Power Architecture® and PowerPC™, Cortex™-M0, Cortex™-M3, Cortex™-M4, Cortex™-A8, ARM®, XScale™, Renesas SuperH™ SH-2A derivatives. As your success is our goal, it goes without saying, that our team of experienced and highly-motivated engineers enhancing the quality of our products and services to exceed your expectations.