Semiconductor Day

September 27, 2018 - Berlin, Germany


8:25 - WELCOME

Welcome by Dr. Klaudia Malowitz (Intrepid Delta) and Chairman

8:30 - talk

Current status of ISO/DIS 26262:11 with Riccardo Mariani, Intel Fellow Functional Safety, Intel Corporation

9:10 - talk

From safety requirements definition to the safety manual: System-on-Chip development flow for a Safety Element out of Context with Oscar Ballan, Functional Safety Engineering Manager, Xilinx

9:50 - Talk

Development of native Software Test Libraries (STL) for advanced IP products with Antonio Priore, Senior Functional Safety Manager, ARM

10:30 - Coffee Break

11:00 - 12:10 - Round table SESSIONs

  1. Safety analysis challenges for semiconductor components with Riccardo Vincelli, Director, Renesas Electronics Europe GmbH

  2. Diversity is a commonly used tool in functional safety as part of an ASIL decomposition or as redundancy at the algorithm level to improve SOTIF. Multiple diverse implementations of the same algorithm or sub-system increases costs, the panel session will focus on the inevitable question of how much diversity is enough? with Richard Bramley, GPU Architecture, Nvidia

  3. What’s the Best Computing Architecture for the Autonomous Car from Functional Safety Point of view? (Distributed OR Centralized autonomous vehicle architectures) with Dr. Amir Klug, Safety Security Manager, ST Microelectronic

12:10 - Lunch Break

13:10 - SUMMARY OF THE Round table SESSIONS

What are the main findings of the round tables? Every moderator presents the results of his/her discussion

13:30 - talk

Semiconductor support for fail-operational automotive systems with Jens Rosenbusch, Principal Engineer,  Infineon Technologies

14:10 - Talk

Resilience wrt. Soft errors with Riccardo Mariani, Intel Fellow Functional Safety, Intel Corporation

14:50 - Talk

Safety and fail-operational challenges and chances in designing automotive SoCs in a sensor-processing centralized ADAS Architecture with Denis Dutey, System Architect and Co-Author: Dr. Amir Klug, Safety Security Manager, ST Microelectronics

15:30 - coffee break

16:00 - Talk

Mixed-Signal Semiconductor FMEDA and Analog Fault Injection as validation of HW Safety Requirements - How to define HW Safety Requirements and Perform Analog Safety Analysis with Samir Camdzic, Systems Engineer, Texas Instruments

16:40 - Talk

Automotive cybersecurity considerations for semiconductors with Paul Wooderson, Cybersecurity Principal Engineer & Team Leader, HORIBA MIRA

17:20 - End of Conference